Monday, 16 January 2012

DOTA (and beta key give-away)

Defense of the Ancients
DotA hasn't ever been the biggest MMO, especially in Australia or USA, but it is definitely one of my favourites. Before League of Legends (which I'll review in another post), however, it was the biggest and best of its genre, the "Aeon of Strife"/MOBA.Unfortunately, for newer players, it takes a while to pick up unlike LoL and HoN.

I occasionally compete in local LAN tournaments, where competitive DotA gets truly exciting. It's all about your micro, teamwork and whatever unique strategy your team can come up with in the ever-changing metagame.

Thoughts on DotA 2
The closed beta has been running for quite a while but won't be released until about August. Whilst playing the beta, I was quite surprised to find the engine was stable and very playable. There was little lag and it was quick to find a game and launch yourself into the battle. Props to Valve. The metagame itself is different from DotA 1, as many DotA heroes are not yet created for DotA 2. However it continuously evolves with the addition of new heroes every update.

The beta is achieving similar results to Starcraft 2 with already several tournaments being held, both online and LAN. This tells us that, by the time of full release, DotA 2 will be an extremely popular competitve MMO and likely to top LoL and HoN, its biggest rivals.

To learn more about DotA 1:

For competitive DotA 1 and DotA 2 VODs w/ commentary I recommend

Beta Key Give-away
I have a spare beta key to give away, and if you would like it, then its simple. Just follow this blog and leave a comment below. I'll notify the winner in a few days, or once there are enough contestants.

Now let's play some GAMES!

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