Thursday, 26 January 2012


FPS RPGs are not very common, but can be very exciting to play. Most of you have probably played, or heard good words, about Fallout 3. Borderlands (released in 2009) is also an FPS RPG which focusses a bit more on your weapons and armor which can be found in treasure chests, or looted from your enemies. The game is very visually unique, as objects looks like 2d cardboard cutouts (kind of)

The storyline is quite basic. You are a mercenary in a desolate planet and you are given missions to kill bandits and monsters. There are several NPC characters with unique personalities, and several types of monsters (with different weaknesses), which makes the repetitiveness of the kill-loot-kill bearable. There are 4 classes to choose from, depending on your weapon preference and playstyle:

  • Berserker - Super tanky and stronk at melee combat
  • Siren - Assassin, can deal large damage as you exit Phase Walk (invisibility)
  • Soldier - Auto-Turrets and support abilities (health and ammo regeneration)
  • Hunter - Excels with sniper rifles and pets
Berserker Skill Tree: Brawler, Tank, Blaster
Unfortunately, there is little visual character customisation. But there are specialisations within each class, like a 'talent tree'

However, what makes this game addictive is the amount of customizability on your guns, as the stats on all of the guns are randomly generated. Each gun will have its own unique zoom power, melee damage, reload speed and some will have elemental damage or other effects. There is always a hunt to find weapon and shield upgrades.

There is also multiplayer game mode where monsters are stronger and teamwork is good. Borderlands 2 should be hitting the shelves some time later this year.

+ high customizability
+ >100 hours of unique gameplay with expansion packs
+ unique graphics
- sometimes too repetitve

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  1. Borderlands is a pretty neat game I played it awhile ago.

  2. I modded borderlands to the brink of complete insanity. It is cool because you don't need a jtag or anything. You only need to download a game save from seven sins.

  3. borderlands is the shit, i played this a year ago and spent hours shooting bad guys it was so fun !

  4. co op the game with my b=friend. fun as hell game

  5. Borderlands did have a ton of weapons!

  6. I've played this, but it's been ages ago. I was always either a Berserker or a Hunter. I'll have to play again sometime.

  7. Thank you for the nice comment on my page. I followed you when I saw you on Angry's page and you look Irish. You don't have a country of origin listed but you have the look of it. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. ill have to try this....when im done something else, im playing like 3 games right now.....

  9. I heard decent things about this game but grindfest at level 40.

  10. Yeah, I enjoyed playing borderlands. I played Brick and just ran around smashing the crap out of things. He was definitely fun to play. I liked how he would absolutely go crazy in bezerk mode like "GRRRR ARGHAHRH GAHAGDHGRGADRGADRAGAH HUR HUR HUAHAHAH DMWAHAHA GRARRARRR" That's a direct quote. The only thing that really disappointed me was the ending. I wanted to actually get into some kind of vault and find something that was what everyone in the game had made it out to be, not just fight some boss and GG