Monday, 23 January 2012

Battlefield 3

When Battlefield 3 was released, I was pretty certain that I wasn't going to bother with it. I'm not a big fan of the BF series and therefore thought it would be a waste of $80. Thankfully, my friend persisted for me to buy it and after playing for 5 hours straight, I realised Battlefield 3 is easily the best first-person shooter of 2011.

I can't even think of a way to describe the graphics in BF3. They are simply breath-taking. You can try watching 1080p videos on youtube, or just try it for yourself and you will not disappointed, especially if you can run this beast on ultra settings.

Multiplayer? Each game mode utilizes a different section of each map and each map has their very own unique feel and features. The maps are fairly large scale, which will mean there is always some excitement in discovering new routes, or even just exploring.

In addition to the hours of exploring, lies the bottomless, infinite number of choices of play style. Do you like flying planes? or helicopters? Or driving tanks? Or rushing close quarters with SMGs? Or sniping from the cliff side? There are many play styles you can adopt and their effectiveness depends on your skill and involvement in your role. Everything is decided by the player, instead of a metagame (like other MMOs).

amazing graphics
amazing online multiplayer
game does not get boring


  1. I just played the first month... shit im going to try back to karkand now

  2. im a great fan of the BF series. still playing bf2 because of my slow computer^^

  3. oh dude i had so much fun playing bf2 i can't wait for the next one its gonna be sick
    following +1

  4. Was just playing that 20 min ago on my core i7 / amd 6870 gaming puter :) I really want guild wars 2 though, not out yet

  5. Got Bf3 with back to karkand from the day 1st.. Im colonel rank 45 now. this game is addicting

  6. Wow, looks pretty nice. I'm more of a MW3 player though (which means I'm not good at first person shooters haha). Following!

  7. I wasn't going to play this game but then I realized MW3 wasn't as good of a game as I first thought it was... Great Review.

  8. I have this game and an awesome PC, and the experience is incredible! No other FPS comes close to the fun I have in BF3 right now.


  10. Aah, I loved first two Battlefields. Haven`t yet played the thrid one, though. But it looks fun.

  11. Your header should be the Saw guy..

  12. Agreed. I used to be a hardcore CoD and MoH fanboy since way back when I was a kid. And when CoD MW came out I was sold. AMAZING. But sadly it went downhill from there. I got into Battlefield and was amazed. So when 3 hit I was floored. Amazing game lol.

    3k tank kills, 1.1k at mine kills, epic. Cousin goes chopper and our W/L is almost at 5.0

    Battlefield is an amazing game.

    Sadly my tv killed itself and im to broke to get a new one lol